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What is a BitSight Security Rating?

Over 2,000 private and public companies globally use BitSight Security ratings to provide consistent updates and insight into their cyber risks. The process allows users to to tap into critical details regarding their security infrastructure, then are given a score between 250 to 900 where higher ratings means better protection. BitSight utilizes the US Chamber of Commerce's Principles for Fair and Accurate Security Ratings.

What does the BitSight Report show me?

The security rating for your organization measures your cybersecurity performance against your industry. Your score is based off 23 critical risk categories, which includes: 

Compromised Systems

Compromised Systems:
Machines within your network that display symptoms of malware and other unwanted applications.
 - Botnet infections

User Behavior

User Behavior:
Examines how your employees interact with risky technical behavior
- File Sharing


Measures how effective your organization follows best security practices with implementations
- Network Services
- TLS/SSL Certificates
- TLS/SSL Configurations
- Open Ports

Software Assets

Software Assets:
- Server Software
- Desktop Software
- Patching Cadence
- Insecure Systems
- Web Application Headers
- Mobile Application Security

Email Security

Email Security:
- SPF records 
- DKIM records