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Generative artificial intelligence (also called GenAI) is the ability to generate text, images, and other media using generative models. A generative AI model identifies patterns and structures in input training data, and then generates new data that mirrors them.

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Truyo, an IntraEdge company - provides an all-in-one platform to manage privacy compliance and AI governance. The Truyo AI governance platform will help you locate shadow AI usage in your organization, monitor and remediate identified risks, perform risk assessments, and train your workforce on ethical & compliant AI usage. The privacy platform enables your end-users to exercise their data privacy rights without overburdening your workforce or your budgets. Truyo gives you true SARs, consent, and data privacy rights management automation right-sized for your organization. All while helping to keep you current with the latest requirements in privacy rights regulations through our highly scalable, non-disruptive solution. In our uncertain environment, Truyo gives you the confidence of superior performance today, while helping to future proof your investment for tomorrow.

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HiddenLayer is a Gartner-recognized AI Application Security company that provides security solutions for artificial intelligence algorithms, models and data. HiddenLayer helps protect the world's most valuable technologies by developing first-of-its-kind, non-invasive software to observe and secure AI. HiddenLayer was founded in Austin, Texas, in March of 2022 by experienced professionals in security and artificial intelligence.