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CYBER BUYER is helping AWS Customers Retire Their AWS Enterprise Discount Program Commitments (EDP).

If your business has an annual AWS spending commitment, leverage CYBER BUYER to procure, deploy and advise of AWS-Ready Cyber Security Software Solutions as an authorized reseller of over 100 cybersecurity SaaS vendors.

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AWS Marketplace
Authorized AWS Marketplace Seller and Consulting Partner

CYBER BUYER is an authorized AWS Marketplace Seller and Consulting Partner. 

AWS customers can now purchase software solutions in AWS Marketplace, directly from authorized Consulting Partners like CYBER BUYER.  We help AWS customers leverage our knowledge of your business, expertise in the cyber security marketplace, implementation and support, while receiving the same fast and friction-free purchase experience AWS customers are accustomed to in AWS Marketplace. Please engage CYBER BUYER directly to learn more about how to procure solutions on the AWS Marketplace.