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Deploy a secure web browser extension in minutes on your current web browser.  No need to replace your favorite consumer browser.  Just add an extension.

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Perception Point
Email Security, Web Browser Security and Cyber Security Awareness Software Vendor

Perception Point touts itself as a Prevention-as-a-Service company, built to enable digital transformation. They are best known for email security, web browser security and cyber security awareness training software.


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Seraphic Security
Enterprise Browser Security on Any Browser

With the rapid changes in the IT landscape as well as a tremendous shift in the modern workforce, we saw increased attack surfaces across all business leaving them more vulnerable than ever to a wide variety of risks. This led us to create a security solution at the browser level that would secure every user while not requiring the organizations, or the user, to make any changes or absorb any degradation to the user experience thus enabling organizations to focus on what they do best, innovate

We started writing code in 2020. We deployed our first customer in 2021, proving to them and us that this radically different approach to enterprise web security was technically feasible. Seraphic secures the browser from the inside. Any browser! any version! And this enables your employees to keep their browsers unchanged! Zero change management for your security team. Seraphic also provides full security and governance to all sessions across all web applications public and organizational (including SaaS and internal web apps). With Seraphic, there is no need to tradeoff between your level of security and productivity and complexity. Seraphic can secure any browser, on any device, for any user, anywhere.

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Multi-Channel Security for API Security, Cloud Email, Mobile, Secure Web Browser and Web Messaging Apps

SlashNext was founded in 2015 during a significant rise in phishing, morphing payloads, and a very strong belief that phishing would grow from email into a multi-channel problem and become the number one cyber threat to organizations. There was a recognition that something needed to change.

Atif Mushtaq, the visionary founder behind SlashNext and one of the main architects of FireEye’s core malware sandbox technology, recognized phishing detection, like malware, needed to move from signature-based reputation techniques to behavioral analysis. What was needed was a faster, more automated, and accurate approach to phishing detection. With that knowledge, SlashNext built an Artificial Intelligence (AI) phishing detection engine with virtual browsers and behavioral analysis using computer vision, natural language processing, and several machine-learning classifiers to detect and stop well-crafted multi-payload phishing attacks delivered multiple communication channels, including legitimate infrastructure.

Today, as humans have moved completely to the cloud, using apps, browsers and mobile devices to communicate with work, family, and friends, SlashNext is uniquely positioned to stop multi-channel phishing and human hacking

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Secure Web Browser Extension

Conceal is a fast-growing cybersecurity company that offers innovative technology solutions to our customers, globally. Each team member reflects our company’s main goal: to protect the world from ever-growing cyber crimes.

Conceal’s mission is to stop ransomware and credential theft for companies of all sizes by developing innovative solutions that provide social engineering protection in any browser ensuring employee productivity and data protection.

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Talon Cyber Security
Talon - Enterprise Browser - Secure Web Browser

Talon, Enterprise Browser, Secure Web Browser, Web Browser Extension and Mobile Web Browser Security
Talon provides Enterprise Browser Security designed to secure any user, any device, any location, and any web application.

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LayerX - Secure Web Browser Extension

LayerX - Secure Web Browser Extension