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Encryption is a method to protect public and private data through unique codes that make it difficult to impossible for intruders to break through. Even if a data breach exists, encryption continues to protect data.

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Multi-Factor Encryption, File Encryption, and Secure File Transfer

A unique data security solution specializing in data protection. Atakama provides file-level encryption and customizable security policies to compliment a variety of business requirements.‍

preveil email security encryption
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Encrypted Document Collaboration and Email for Business

PreVeil makes encryption easy for everyday use.

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Email Security

Trustif is a cloud based email security software and SaaS vendor.  They help protect your email with AI-Powered security.

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Perception Point
Email Security, Web Browser Security and Cyber Security Awareness Software Vendor

Perception Point touts itself as a Prevention-as-a-Service company, built to enable digital transformation. They are best known for email security, web browser security and cyber security awareness training software.